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I believe deeply that discipleship happens best within the context of community. Because of that, we as church leaders have to offer easy and obvious on-ramps for our people to grow in a small group of fellow journeyers. If you are trying to figure out how to make small groups work at your church, I would love to help. I have consulted with churches across the country on how to:

  • Develop a small groups system that is designed to grow as the church grows
  • Reach beyond just the typical attender to offer community to the fringes of the church
  • Develop a coaching and care system that works
  • Train and motivate small group leaders and hosts
  • Design campaigns to help launch multiple new small groups at one time

If you would like to explore what a small groups consulting or coaching package could look like – Contact Me.

If you just need one or two coaching calls, here are a few options – Coaching Calls.


Consulting Services:

Complete a comprehensive assessment of your ministry and identify strategic next steps.

Clarify your mission, vision, and core strategies—and then create the right structure and accountability to realize it through prioritized action initiatives.

Determine the best organizational structure for future growth and get the right people in the right roles.

Multisite works best when healthy, growing churches expand into new locations to reach more people and have a greater Kingdom impact. You replicate who you already are. 

If you’d like to explore what it would look like to work with myself and The Unstuck Group, click here and let’s talk!

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