How to Have Effective Small Groups [Free Webinar]


I hear from churches and pastors consistently about how small groups no longer work in our modern world. People are too busy for another weekly commitment. Groups organized by the church are too forced for people to connect deeply in community. Yet, we see research telling us that offering healthy small groups will close the back door and help our churches grow.

If all of this is true, the question then is: Is it possible to have effective small groups in the modern church? I believe it is, and I will be discussing this topic with three church leaders, who are seeing small groups thrive in their influential churches, during our free webinar on October 9th at 11am CDT.

Steve Gladen (Saddleback Church), Heather Zempel (National Community Church), and Bill Willits (North Point Community Church) will dig into:

  • Are we really creating disciples through our small groups, or are they just another social group to belong to?
  • How can small groups compete with other church programming?
  • Are small groups just for church members, or can they reach beyond the church building?
  • How much should church leadership try to control small groups?

Webinar attendees will receive a free eBook on small groups, and we’re saving 15 minutes at the end of the webinar for live Q&A. Register now if you’re interested, as space is first come, first serve. Hope to see you there for our discussion on effective small groups in the modern church!

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