5 Reasons Not To Disciple


1.    It’s really hard

Helping someone become a fully devoted follower of Christ is not for the faint of heart. There will be times of elated joy and times of extreme frustration. People’s lives are messy, and walking this journey with them gives you a back stage pass to the ugliness.

2.    It takes a long time

Most of us are not very patient – especially when it comes to other people. We want to see immediate results, or we’re on to the next thing. Becoming a disciple of Christ is a long road that takes time and patience. There is a lot to cultivate and refine. We didn’t get this way overnight.

3.    It requires relationship

If Jesus was our example, then we are not meant to take this journey on our own. Disciples are not made in a classroom or on a pew. Iron sharpens iron. The only way to help someone become more like Christ is to be a part of their life. All of the good and all of the bad.

4.    There’s not a finish line

By nature, we want to see the job finished. My favorite part of mowing my lawn is when it’s finally done. I can spend a couple minutes admiring my mowing skills and then move on to the next conquest. That’s not the way it works with spiritual growth. We’re never finished until we’re standing in front of Jesus.

5.    It causes growth

What you may not realize is – when you decide to help disciple someone else, chances are, you are going to grow. Growth is difficult. Growth means change. Every time we take another spiritual step, it requires more from us. It would be much easier to stay right where we are, but the fact is, living things grow.

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7 comments on “5 Reasons Not To Disciple”

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  2. Brent Dumler

    Agree with Brenda. Finish lines are great because (for many of us) they offer goals with clear objectives. But discipleship involves people, so it’s not going to be as cut-n-dry as we would like to think. Nice post!

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