Build A Big Fire


I heard someone say recently that when we are trying to light a fire under ministries, what we are doing most of the time is like using a gas can on the bbq. It will build a big fire for a few seconds, but then you’re left with what you had before – except now it smells bad. What we should be doing is putting on nice, big logs that will burn for a long time.

We all want big fires that get noticed. That 6 week campaign that pushes everyone into groups. The message series that looks enticing on an evite. Those are great, but if the foundation for the fire is not in place, then at the end of the 6 weeks you will be left with what you had before.

We have to always think about next steps. What is the follow up process for those host groups that we started for the fall series? Do we have the infrastructure to assimilate the new people that attended out of curiosity and now want something more?

Almost anyone can blow things up for a minute, but the real trick is turning that spark into a long lasting fire.

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