Is Your Group Balanced?


No matter what kind of a study that a small group does – message notes, dvd driven, book study, Bible study – every discussion should have these 3 components: knowledge, understanding and action. A group can get out of balance when they do not have all 3.

There are a lot of groups that spend most of their discussion time soaking up knowledge. They make sure that they get the reading done, but without understanding it is worthless.

Other groups do a great job of downloading the knowledge and then breaking it down for understanding, but they miss the critical part of putting that knowledge into action. They can end up educated beyond their obedience.

A few groups focus on action well by serving every time there is a need or an opportunity. That’s great, but whenever there is a question or debate, they lack the knowledge and understanding to back up their faith.

As you evaluate the health of your groups, take a look at where they are with these 3 components. It may be time to make an adjustment to get things back in balance.


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1 comment on “Is Your Group Balanced?”

  1. Brent Dumler

    Our small group could definately focus more on the ‘action’ part….either individually or as a group. This would help to ensure at least some application is going on.
    Good post.

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