It’s Time To Plan

Plan Ahead

It’s the end of May, and for most churches that means that activity for groups are slowing down. I want to emphasize that they are not stopping, but just shifting gears for the busy summer months. This is a great opportunity for groups pastors/directors to spend some time working on the ministry, not just in it. We need these opportunities to shift, realign and refresh our systems.

Here is a list of 5 ideas and questions that you could start thinking about to prepare for the next season:

1. Lock in the theme for the fall alignment series

Start meeting with the Teaching Pastor now to see where God is leading him to take the church.

What can we creatively do with groups around that theme? 

2. Refresh your leader’s training for new leaders in the fall semester

It may be time to revisit how you train your new leaders.

Has the culture shifted since you last built your training?

Are there more effective ways to deliver the information?

3. Build your curriculum choices for groups after the fall alignment series

Start thinking now about the next step for groups after the fall alignment series.

Where do you want groups to grow spiritually?

What is a natural transition from your alignment theme?

4. Ask current group leaders to identify 1-2 possible new leaders from their groups for the fall

Now is the time to start identifying the new leaders for the fall. Your best recruitment will come from existing leaders tapping people on the shoulder.

Who are your best leaders at raising up new leaders?

5. Identify and start recruiting new coaches

If you are planning on growing your groups (and I hope that you are), you are going to need coaches to help care for all of the newly recruited leaders. Now is the time to start having those coffees. Recruiting coaches takes time and patience.

Which current leaders are great at loving their group members?

Are there any former leaders who not currently leading a group but would be great at caring for other leaders?

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3 comments on “It’s Time To Plan”

  1. Brian Smith

    All good points Chris…I would add that from the perspective of a project management planner for our church, the Life Groups being inextricably linked to our overall campaign plan feeds our other ministry efforts as well. Tertiary ministries such as Mothers of Preschoolers that bring in folks with no church home give us an opportunity to contact participants and get them plugged in to our Life Groups to develop relationships and open the door to share the gospel, VBS does the same…we tie all this into our growth strategy looking at least one to two years out and we place great emphasis on strategic communication and engagement. Growth not for the sake of growth but to open doors to sharing the gospel. Sharing the gospel will inevitably lead to growth so we plan for percentage based increases and expand programs, life groups and launch new services based on that. Summer is where we do the bulk of the planning and begin execution. I recommend a PMP or PMP wanna be in the guiding coalition for all lifegroup and strategic planning comitees

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