You Need A Team

Work Day

John Maxwell has a famous saying, “Teamwork makes the Dream work”. I saw a great example of that coming to life this past Saturday at a work day for our new Nashville campus building. We are repurposing half of a 140,000 square foot warehouse that was formerly the home to an electrical company. On Saturday, we were working on the office area which is very large and looks like it was abandoned circa 1997. One of the offices had some sort of shag wallpaper going on. It is a mess.

I have a tendency to get overwhelmed quickly when it comes to large rehab projects. I can relate well to the people in Nehemiah who could not see past the rubble to rebuild the wall. But, what I saw on Saturday was not just the power in numbers, but what can be accomplished when the numbers work together as a team. People immediately broke up into smaller groups and started ripping down wallpaper like there was a 40% sale at Michaels. Once that was going, other groups of people worked their way behind them prepping the walls to be painted later. Another group of people followed up with taking the old wallpaper down to the dumpster. Before I knew it, the entire office area was cleared and ready for the next level of awesomeness.

It reminded me of how we can’t lose sight of the power of team in every aspect of ministry. The thought of rebuilding or building a groups system can be overwhelming until you break it down into manageable chunks.

Give someone the responsibility of researching curriculum.

Form a team to develop the leadership training.

Start recruiting coaches for the fall to help with soul care.

Enlist leaders to help design the next all-church campaign.

The key to all of this working is to not delegate tasks, but delegate responsibility. Pick the right people for your teams and let them make the key decisions. At the end of the day, the task will be accomplished and a few leaders will be empowered.

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