You Should Do The Opposite


Last week, I helped facilitate a Leadership Community at Leadership Network in Dallas, and one of the exercises that we had the teams do was called Opposites. We had each church list 5 of the most common ways they do currently ministry and then what would be the ministry potential of doing the complete opposite. For instance: if a church currently sends people on short term missions trips, what would happen if they did not send anyone and instead invested completely in the missionaries on the ground? I think that this could be a great exercise for every ministry team at a church to go through.

What would happen if you completely changed your leaders training?

What if you didn’t have formal training but let leaders learn as they go?

What if instead of your kids ministry doing a VBS this year, they did a week of serving the community?

What if you completely changed the order of a service one week?

The idea is to dream big about the what ifs. You may not actually end up doing the complete opposite, but it just might start a conversation – that sparks an idea – that leads to a movement. If you feel like your ministries are stuck, it might be time to not only think outside the box, but consider doing the complete opposite.

Here is George Costanza for a little inspiration.

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