5 Tips For Great Meetings


From time to time, I have the privilege to be asked to meet with leaders from other churches to talk about what God is doing at Cross Point. Usually it’s church planters, other ministry leaders or small group pastors. I absolutely love it! I will always find time in my schedule to help other church leaders in any way that I can. I have also sought out other leaders that have been incredibly gracious with their time for me. I will never forget Perry Noble taking time to have lunch with me 2 months after he almost died!

Through the years of meetings, I have learned a few tips that will help these times be the most productive for both sides. When a leader has set aside time in their busy schedule, try to use that time wisely.

1. Ask questions 

I am amazed at how many leaders come in to “pick my brain” and then spend the entire time talking about what they are doing.The only way that you are going to learn and get better is by asking questions. If you are talking more than 20% of the time, the meeting is a waste.

2. Have prepared questions

I love when someone meets with me and the first thing that they do is pull out a list of prepared questions. That tells me that they have put some thought into this.

3. Do your research

The worst questions to ask are ones that can be answered by looking at the website. How many campuses do you have? When did the church start? Those questions tell me that you didn’t care enough to do your homework before you came in.

4. Take notes

When I am meeting with someone to gain wisdom, I always try to take as many notes as possible. It not only helps me remember the conversation, but it’s also honoring the person that I am meeting with.

5. Follow up

This is something that I am trying to get better at. When someone has given you their time, a short followup email of thanks is always appreciated. Starbucks gift cards are even appreciated more. 🙂

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