As a part of our Cover To Cover series at Cross Point, we are offering a daily reading plan with devotionals written by staff to go along with each day’s reading. I had the privilege of writing the devotional for Day 2, so I thought I would share it here as well.

As I read Genesis 1:26-27, I am amazed at the fact that God cared so much for me, that He gave me responsibility over all of His other creations. Matthew 6:26 says that the Father cares so much about the birds that He provides food for them, and yet we are so much more valuable to Him. Do you realize that we are God’s only plan for the world? That is a lot of responsibility placed on our shoulders, and we should take that very seriously.

It’s also difficult for me to imagine how I was created in His image. I look in the mirror and see the wrinkles, the hair loss, and wonder: what was God thinking? Does God have male pattern baldness too?? But that is me seeing as man would see. God sees way beyond the flawed, superficial image that is staring back at me over the bathroom sink.

God created me to love.

He gave me the ability to be good.

I can be merciful.

Knowing God allows me to be gracious.

To me, being created in God’s likeness means that I was created with a few of the attributes of God. When people look at my character, they should be able to see a tiny, micro-sliver of who God is. Knowing this fact should help shape every relationship that I have.

As a child of God, every time I step out of my house I should ask the question, “How do I want the world to see God today?”. We have to remember that we are always under a microscope because of our relationship with God. I should put the same effort into showing God’s love through my actions as I do making sure that my physical appearance is ready for the day.

My prayer for today is that God will give me opportunities to reflect the best of who He is to the world around me.

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